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Durable Workwear Perfect for Tradesmen in the Commercial Industry in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Employees in the commercial trade industry are reliant upon robust and hardwearing workwear to meet the high working standards expected of them. No matter if you are a tradesman, engineer, or work in the manufacturing industry, Prodressinn Ltd has the clothing for you. Based in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, we supply a range of industrial workwear alongside first-class personal protective equipment.

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A Diverse Selection

With such an expansive range of clothing options, there is no better place to purchase your workwear than Prodressinn Ltd. Despite the use of high-quality materials, we still maintain competitive prices. Within the workwear and PPE range, we stock a wide range of:

Trousers – Jackets – T-Shirts – Polo Shirts – Sweatshirts – Fleeces – Softshell Jackets – Knitwear – Aprons – Tabards – Men’s Shirts – Ladies’ Blouses


Tailor-Made Workwear

At Prodressinn Ltd, we receive our products from a reliable UK-based supplier. Due to the close working relationship we have with our supplier, we are able to request bespoke clothing suitable for many sectors, including the manufacturing, beauty and hospitality industries. This gives you control over the size, colour, and design of your workwear.

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